St. Francis Xavier Church

St. Francis Xavier Church, Stoney Creek, Ontario
43°13'13.1"N 79°43'53.4"W
Adamson Estate, Mississauga, Ontario
43°32'46.0"N 79°39'01.2"W
Le Report, Mississauga, Ontario
43°35'48.2"N 79°34'58.1"W

Shot for Blynda Dacosta Photography

Here are some highlights from second-shooting with the lovely Blynda earlier this year! This lady is such a sweetheart and I had a great day shooting with her. This lovely couple and their family were so sweet - my socks got wet in the morning from stepping out into the grass...and so I ended up bumming a pair of black men's socks from them! This family has gone through a lot and it was so beautiful to witness such a joyous moment in their lives and help capture these memories for them. Everyone (including me) was on the verge of tears by the time speeches rolled around. As much as I love all eye-candy and details of an editorial shoot, there is nothing more beautiful than a real story.