Chateau Le Jardin

Kortright Center, Woodbridge, Ontario
43°49'45.5"N 79°35'50.7"W
Chateau Le Jardin, Woodbridge, Ontario
43°47'22.4"N 79°37'36.1"W

It was supposed to thunderstorm last Sunday, but instead of rain we got record breaking heat - it ended up being Toronto's hottest day in the last 5 years! But luckily I had a team of troopers :) We fought through the heat, humidity and a gazillion species of bugs...and made these beautiful portraits! And it was soooo worth it!! :)

I met Lily last winter when she found me on instagram while looking for a wedding photographer (what are the chances?? but...GO INSTAGRAM!!). It was such a dream to photograph Lily and David...and did I mention they have a super adorable baby boy?? (more of that to come later). They have been dating since highschool - back when David had long hair. To this day, Lily still calls David "Long Hair"...which I personally find really halarious and SO cute. I've always had a soft spot for high school sweethearts *sighhh...and they were no exception :)

They, their family, and bridal party were all so sweet to me on the wedding day - read: they kept trying to feed me...haha! Towards the end of the night, the groomsmen literally cornered me to make me sit down and eat dinner...and then took it upon themselves to fill up my plate!

So THANK YOU guys for being so wonderful.