Graydon Hall Manor

Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto, Ontario
43°45'53.1"N 79°20'35.2"W

Earlier in May, I attended Cherish at the beautiful Graydon Hall Manor. The workshop focused on photography but also styling - which really really adds to making beautiful images. The timing was perfect as it was early in the wedding season and was a great way to get the creative juices flowing! It was very much a hands-on workshop, so all of the styling in these images were either done by myself or another attendee.  It's always so inspiring to see other creatives at work and bounce ideas off of each other. This workshop definitely helped me to learn more about and practice styling. There's so many details I would never have noticed and so many tricks I would never have though of myself! The devil is always in the details ;) ! At the end of the two days, I must say that the biggest takeaway was being able to meet so many talented and kind individuals who are willing to share their knowledge...and of course, bringing home a set of beautiful photos to edit through is not a bad bonus too! ;)