Before I decided to become a wedding photographer, I was first a bride. I want to say it was the happiest and most emotional day of my life...but to be completely honest, I remember very little from it! It was through my wedding photos, I was able to relive the day and glimpse into moments that I didn’t even realize were happening. I knew at that moment I wanted to combine my passion for photography, people, and the celebration of love.

I studied Commerce in university and am a CPA, CA. I speak Adobe Lightroom, but also Microsoft Excel ;)
I am always hungry or in need of a nap...and often times both.
My favourite "colour" is white, but gray is a close second these days. I do love colour, but usually in natural tones. I am a minimalist at heart.
My favourite book is Le Petit Prince. I have 5 different copies of it, including a pop-up book version.
But most of all, I love adventuring through life and serving our community with my dearest husband Gabriel and our two little boys.

If you are still reading up until this very last line, then we really should do this over coffee! :)

1 Corinthians 10:31